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SoC Design SoC Design

Between my junior and senior year at BYU, I had the chance to intern with the Device Development Group at Intel in Hillsboro, Oregon. There, I was a back-end design engineer. My role was to be the owner of a system-on-a-chip (SoC) partition and to run tests and change the layout of it in order to improve the timing and performance of the device. In so doing, I got a lot of experience with not only VLSI and IC layout, but also with Unix shell scripting.

On top of that, I was also tasked with writing a PERL parsing script to go through the databases of the project and report the status of the project. I learned a lot about regular expressions and utilizing them to find the correct information efficiently and to intuitively format it for other team members to see. I displayed this information in both an XML spreadsheet file and an HTML webpage, and color coded to be more effective in relaying the information. The final parsing script was over 1000 lines long, and has been in use even after my departure from the internship.